Quick follow-up, safe management.

Using Buskoll as a management system means you can quickly gain control of your entire operation, even when you have many people working from home.


In large companies, productivity can be increased and the quality of operations ensured by small simplifications throughout the organisation. Part of this is about unifying the management of tasks and reducing the risk of missing something. In addition, if management can be made more efficient and it is easy to both follow-up and manage the work of others, productivity can be further increased. Buskoll can do all that, and it also makes management easier when many people work from home. This results in better control, increased productivity and improved quality.

Quality-assured efficiency

In large companies, there are many tasks to be done and they are done by many different people. By letting each employee keep track of their tasks, Buskoll eliminates the need to spend time thinking about what needs to be done. In addition, quality assurance is achieved at the same time, because all tasks are monitored by Buskoll, which reduces the risk of something being forgotten, for whatever reason.

For example, the calendar views clearly show what needs to be done each day, and if a task cannot be completed on time, it is automatically moved to the following day until it is done. At the same time, an alert is sent to the person who has to do it, both by e-mail and as a notification on their phone. That means less worry about missing something and allows all energy to be put into doing what needs to be done.

Control without checking

Having control over tasks makes it easier to plan work and make changes when needed, even from a management perspective. For example, with the right permissions, you can quickly see what tasks any employee has to do on a specific day or during a period of time. It is also possible to receive automatic acknowledgements when a task is flagged or overdue.

This reduces the need to actively check the activity, as you are automatically updated immediately when the status of the task changes with a notification on your phone, or by e-mail if you wish. This makes management work both easier and more secure, while reducing the amount of time spent on it. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether employees are in the office or working from home, management is just as easy, no matter what.

Manage absence

Using Buskoll for business also makes it easy to manage tasks in the event of absence, so that no important task is missed or unnecessarily overdue. Whether it be a sudden absence, such as when someone calls in sick, or a planned absence, such as during holidays. Simply select the period & employee and make the necessary changes with a few clicks, for example, send the most important tasks to another employee who will then have them added directly to their to-do list.

Process control & work management

Buskoll can handle all types of tasks, from the simplest to the most complex, regularly recurring, processes with many sub-tasks and different people in charge. So with Buskoll, even process management is both simple and quality assured. Work management, for example when sending or sharing tasks, is just as simple and quality-assured. They then go straight into the recipient’s to-do list, instead of ending up further and further down the Inbox as often happens when sending tasks by e-mail.

Higher productivity and quality-assured operations – carry out the following

With Buskoll implemented throughout the company, productivity can be increased and operations can be quality assured in a simple way. Just make sure everyone follows the procedure below and the risk of missing an important task is minimised, especially when many people work from home or when someone is away.



Start by reviewing your recurring tasks and entering them in Buskoll. Think from the top down, i.e. first enter the annually recurring tasks and then continue with the quarterly, monthly, weekly tasks etc. Once this is done, the foundation has been laid, freeing up capacity and ensuring quality.


Once all recurring tasks have been entered into Buskoll, the foundation is laid. The next step is to continue entering tasks as they come. The most important thing is to get into a routine so that a task is entered into Buskoll as soon as it comes in. And think both big and small; from sending a quote to calling a supplier or cleaning the coffee machine.


For Buskoll to be of help to you, it is important that information is kept up-to-date, and that is not difficult. Ensure to change the information in Buskoll when it changes in reality, such as, for example, moving a task to another day when needed. This will quickly give structure to your working days. A good tip is to end each working day by reviewing tomorrow’s tasks and making the necessary changes.

Make sure everyone works in the same way and be consistent!

When everyone works in the same way and enters their tasks in Buskoll, it is easy to get a quick overview of the situation in the company. If something then needs to be changed, for example moving a task to someone else due to illness, it is done quickly and easily.

Follow the procedure and make Buskoll your best friend!