Make business easier

Buskoll keeps track of your business for you, so that you can focus on your customers and your operations


Business is fundamentally about offering products or services in fierce competition with other suppliers in the market. Efficiency is therefore key, and businesses that simplify their office work while maintaining quality are more likely to succeed in their sector. They get more time to focus on their core business, resulting in greater competitiveness and less stress. Buskoll has been developed for that very purpose, to make it easier to run a business.

A lot to think about

When you are running a business on your own, there is a lot you have to keep track of yourself. You not only have to be an expert in your field, but also a financial manager, a buyer, an IT manager, a salesperson and an administrator. VAT has to be paid, invoices sent, goods ordered, customers called, quotes made, rent paid, computer backed up etc. A lot of these are recurring tasks that need to be done again next week or month.

The same applies if there are more people involved in the business, and even if you do not have to do everything yourself, there are more tasks to be done and the benefits of streamlining the work are even greater. Timesheets need to be certified, salaries calculated, new hirings made, applications answered, interviews booked, references checked, social media updated, IT equipment purchased and much, much more

Forget about it – without it being forgotten!

Buskoll can keep track of all the tasks for you, leaving you free to think about other things. Of course, the work still has to be done, but by not having to keep track of it, you gain both time and capacity. In addition, the risk of missing something is reduced, and quality assurance added.

It then does not matter what the task is, Buskoll takes care of most of it. If you do not manage to get the task done in time, it is automatically moved on to the following day, until it has been done. You can also receive an e-mail about overdue tasks, and a notification on your phone. This means you do not have to worry about missing something important and can feel confident that your business is being managed well.

Plan & prioritise

Buskoll also makes it easier to plan your work and prioritise between tasks. The calendar views make it easy to see what needs to be done on each day throughout the year, and if a task needs to be moved to another day, it only takes a simple click. If the business has multiple employees, you can also view each other’s tasks and send them to someone else when you’re on leave.

Quality assure growth

As the company grows, the number of tasks increases and the risk of something falling through the cracks, or being missed, increases. With Buskoll, this risk can be significantly reduced. Just add the new employees to the company and then use the work management features to simplify, streamline and quality assure operations throughout the business.

Become effective with Buskoll – do the following

Buskoll makes administrative work both easier and safer. The risk of missing something important is minimised when it is in Buskoll. But you have to do your part and follow the procedure below for Buskoll to keep track of it.



Start by reviewing your recurring tasks and entering them in Buskoll. Think from the top down, i.e. first enter the annually recurring tasks and then continue with the quarterly, monthly, weekly tasks etc. This lays the foundation, freeing up capacity and ensuring quality.


Once the foundation has been laid, simply keep adding tasks as they come. The most important thing is to get into a routine so that a task is entered into Buskoll as soon as it comes in. And think both big and small; from sending a quote to calling a supplier or cleaning the coffee machine.


For Buskoll to be of help to you, it is important that information is kept up-to-date, and that is not difficult. Ensure the information is changed in Buskoll when it changes in reality, such as moving a task to another day when needed. A good tip is to end the working day by reviewing tomorrow’s tasks.

Be consistent!

Follow the procedure and make Buskoll your best friend!