Advantages of using Buskoll

Oct 31, 2022 | Other

Buskoll makes it very easy to keep track of your daily work. More gets done and there is less to remember with a management system such as Buskoll.

Here you will find several sophisticated functions to make your working day easier. The idea behind the tool is to make it as easy as possible to set up a structured way of working, which both creates security and frees up resources to be used in other parts of the business.

A few advantages of using Buskoll:

  • Very powerful, yet easy to use
  • All kinds of tasks can be handled
  • Stops tasks being missed
  • To-do calendar with a to-do list for each day
  • Option to choose whether recurring tasks are automatically moved from public holidays
  • Tasks can be sent directly to other people’s to-do lists
  • Acknowledgements for other people’s tasks when they are complete or overdue
  • With the right permissions, other people’s tasks can be handled
  • Different templates can be created

These are just some of the many benefits and functions available in Buskoll! Give it a go! You can test Buskoll for free throughout 2022, stop when you want. Easy to get started, just start by creating an account!