Different notifications in Buskoll

Apr 17, 2023 | Other

If there are several of you in the company, it may be useful to know when someone else has finished their task. Even more importantly, you can find out if someone else’s task is not completed on time, and if you find out in time, you or someone else may be able to help with that particular task to limit any damage . It may actually mean sending that tender or that notice for an important meeting on time, or making that response to a consultation before it is too late.

This is one of the many benefits of introducing Buskoll to your company. This prevents having to actively check the status of other people’s data that you depend on, because Buskoll takes care of it for you. You simply choose which type of acknowledgements you want and for which task, provided you have the right authorisation of course. The rest is completely automatic. When the task is marked as completed, or overdue, you will immediately receive a push notification and an e-mail with information about it.

Full control, but without having to check. Can it get any better?

You can also choose to receive an automatic notification when someone has received a task that you have sent to them. Then you know that the task has been received and the recipient can start working on it. This would not be possible if you had sent the task by e-mail, and it could have ended up in the spam folder or in a pile of unread e-mails without you knowing.

Buskoll, you get what we are called…