Regular tasks

May 2, 2023 | Other

In a company, there are many regular and recurring tasks to be done on specific dates or after certain specified periods. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, annually or simply on certain fixed dates.

Payments, VAT declarations, timesheets, salaries, invoices, employee interviews, budget or various reports to name a few. Some of these tasks are done in specific support systems and the risk of missing them is quite low, at least when everything is under control and stress-free. But as soon as there is a lot to do combined with a lack of time, it is easy to miss even the most basic tasks, not to mention all the other tasks…

This is when Buskoll comes in. Because in Buskoll, everyone can quickly enter their recurring tasks so that no one has to worry about missing one. In addition, it will be easier for everyone to plan their work well in advance because they will have a better overview of their work situation and will also be able to move and change all recurring tasks individually.

At the same time, it also provides quality assurance for the entire operation and everything from staff rotation to managing both unplanned and planned absences can be done with the confidence that no task will fall through the cracks, whether it be recurring or not.

Another great feature of Buskoll is that you can choose what to do with a recurring task that falls on a public holiday. Simply select whether it should remain, be moved to the working day before or after, or perhaps be deleted.

Clever, right?