Become effective with Buskoll – the methodology

Mar 13, 2023 | Other

With Buskoll, all administrative work is made both easier and safer, and the risk of missing something important is very small. But how do you get started quickly? Just follow the methodology below, and Buskoll will soon become your best friend.

  1. Add all recurring tasks
    Start by reviewing your recurring tasks and enter them into Buskoll. Think from the top down, i.e. first enter the annually recurring tasks and then continue with the quarterly, monthly, weekly etc. tasks. Once you have done this, the foundations have been laid and you have already both freed up capacity and ensured the quality of part of the operation.

  2. Add ongoing tasks
    Once the foundation has been laid, just keep adding tasks as they come. The most important thing is to get into a routine of entering a task into Buskoll as soon as it arrives. And consider high and low priority. Anything from sending a quote to calling a supplier or cleaning the coffee machine.
  3. Plan and replan
    For Buskoll to be of help to you, it is important that the information is kept up to date, which is easy to do. Simply make sure the information is changed in Buskoll when it changes in reality, like moving it to another day when needed. A good tip is to end the working day by reviewing tomorrow’s tasks.

Follow this methodology and Buskoll will be your best friend!