The idea behind Buskoll

Nov 2, 2022 | Other

“Making an assumption is not enough, having control is better”

Says Buskoll founder Kristian Hammar. Buskoll is not the result of traditional product development work where the aim is to find tomorrow’s bestseller. Long-term experience is what has led to the development of the tool.

Different professional roles that all have one thing in common – the chances of success increase significantly with a structured approach.

This is what Kristian has to say about how the idea for Buskoll came about:

“Exactly where it started is hard to say, but the background as a fighter pilot is of course important. That is when I learned the importance of being well-prepared and working methodically, and most people are familiar with pilot checklists. Each task was planned in detail to be able to be carried out under high pressure without losing control. This was also made easier by the fact that the workplace, i.e. the cockpit of the aircraft, is designed in detail so that the pilot can find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.”

With Buskoll, you can take control and feel confident that you will not forget something you were supposed to do. But it has to be both easy and fun to use. Not only does it free up time for other things, but knowing you have Buskoll also allows you to relax and feel calm, even if you have a lot to do.

You can try Buskoll for free throughout 2022! It is easy to get started and begin taking control of your tasks.

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